Telegenic California was born, like many great ideas, from necessity. Fortunate to inherit a collection of mid-century furniture from Scandinavian grandparents, Telegenic California’s co-founder Linnaea began her search for her living room’s “missing piece” – a simple coffee table. Her husband Peter, trained in custom fabrication, began experimenting with designs during quiet moments in his Santa Cruz, California shop. Intrigued with harnessing the strength of plywood to create 3D forms from 2D “slices,” Peter created the first prototype. Linnaea loved it, and so did everyone else. Telegenic California was born.

Based upon an understated design language, and inspired by Peter’s love of the “jet age” aesthetic of mid-century airport lounge and office furniture, an entire collection has followed. Relying on strong, simple shapes, Telegenic California creates instantly iconic furniture for the next generation of modernism enthusiasts, thoroughly contemporary complements to classics from the past, present, and future.

Every element of Telegenic California’s furniture is crafted to order in Northern California, and meticulously assembled and finished by hand in Santa Cruz, California. See the full line at Agency's online store, or in-person in Downtown Santa Cruz.